Friday, January 20, 2006


Cómic de la película


Sam said...

Hola Carlos, no sé como contactar contigo, me gustaría poder invitarte para una entrevista en animaholic.
Pensé que igual viendo este post..
Si te decides, mándame un mail a

Martin Wittig said...

Carlos-- Beautiful work man!keep it up!

John S. said...

Wow! Nice looking page! Great storytelling. Your ElCid stuff is nice too. I can't wait to see this Gisaku movie. I hope it makes it in some form to the states!

Jeff Merritt said...

Great work, love the character designs and the layouts, really nice stuff!

Carlos Ruano said...

Thanks gays, is good to know that someone likes your work. Robotaekwon-z, I don't think that Gisaku will release in the states. It was a project for the Expo 2005 Aichi in Japan. Here in Spain the release will be on the next month, and I know that the movie was sold to some countrys, but not to the US, sorry.

Carlos Ruano said...

I wanted to say "guys" not "gays". How you can see, my english isn´t very good, sorry.

Jontxu said...

Latima no poder disfrutar de Gisaku en mi pueblo, pues el cine no estrenan nada que no sea superproducción hollywoodiense o tonterías como Destino Final 38 (murieron de viejos, jeje), a esperar a que salga en dvd.

Anonymous said...

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Aldo said...

Hi Carlos. You made a really great job on the character design of El Cid!!! I love it!

Did you worked on Nocturna's look as well??

How things are going on Donkey?
I just watched the new teaser on YouTube. It sounds good! Let me know how things are going on and about any news! I look forward to see more on Nocturna and Donky (especially some final render of Sanson, the character I worked on...)

Hasta luego!

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